Monday, January 19, 2009

New style

Today my nephew show me very fun site! It's called Blingee! It is very easy site. After only 2 hours study, I was ready to do pictures! I post them here, as you can see, I'm very pleased with results.

First one is me! 100%!

Here is me in very big hat!

Me and my good friend Obama!

I am hip-hop star!

This is probably the best. Lots of fun, you should try it! Thanks, nephew!


  1. My word, Rajeev, that is very creative of you!

    I wonder if I should dare give it a bit of a shot, myself...

    I am intrigued!


    Your Good Friend,

    Horace Q. Horatius

  2. Rajeev! You never told me you was artist!

  3. Ahhhhhh, this is very fun! The one with the big hat made me think: had it not been for the Internet no one would have seen you in that hat! The fotos also made me laugh. And as I have learnt on my many journeys: Laughter is the way to the True Heart. So Thank You for making me laugh.

    In Hope of Many more Laughts to Come,
    Lo Hoang Lai

  4. My Dear Man,

    It is with regret in my heart that I must inform you, that artistically speaking, and after a very careful examination of your work, I have no choice but to deem it unsatisfying to the distinguishing eye.

    I make no such judgement lightly, but my professional pride forbids that I withold even my harshest critique, for the Good of the Art.

    I am not saying, mind you, that your work is totally lacking in quality! But it never reaches that critical "lift-off" that every Art Critic must so critically look for. I am sorry, old chap. Better luck next time, and all that.