Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nature of philosophy

Today I read very interesting "blog". It is much about philosphy, and science. But I think it´s much too big! We men are small in the eyes of Vishnu, and should keep to what we know! I say, let the gods take care of the infinite, and we can tend to our gardens. And if we are not careful, it can be like using Brahmaastra weapon at sparrow! We must be careful.


  1. Hi Ranga!

    (Your name is very long, do you mind if I call you Ranga? Or perhaps just Ray?)

    I am happy to hear that you like my philosophy! But why do you say "too big"? I say: Dare to Think Big! After all - the Cosmos is Big!!


  2. Good to read you and greet you here in this blog